Summer Patio Makeover Tips

I think it’s important to make one home upgrade a year if possible. My improvement for 2017 (and 2018) was a backyard landscape remodel. I had the landscaper do it in two phases to spread out the financial investment. In December 2017, the old grass and most plants were removed. New dirt was brought in and new flowerbeds were defined and grass seed installed.

In the last couple of months, the gardens have been planted as phase two. The transformation is truly amazing. I love looking out the windows into the yard to see this amazing change. It's the last big home improvement for me that I know I will enjoy for many years now that its completed! I love having a sprinkler system and uplighting under the trees which allows me to enjoy this beautiful garden at night! Implement these simple touches to spruce up your patio for the summer:

Tidy up: Before you start your patio makeover, take a look around and clean up anything that may have become dirty during the fall and winter seasons. Power-wash walkways, remove dead foliage, wash windows, and clean outdoor lighting fixtures.

Add decoration: Decorate your patio with garden planters, new furniture and framed pictures to create a more inviting and homey feel. Fill the planters with flowers that will bloom during the spring and summer seasons.

Patio lighting: Adequate exterior lighting is a key component of your home security. Adding string lights not only provides safety but also adds a warm and inviting ambiance for you and your guests.

Add entertainment: Build a bar or bonfire pit for a fun reason to get together. But don’t forget to include a few other activities such as cards, ping pong or croquet to keep your guests happy and entertained all summer long.